Blackout Mask Wipe Off Towel - 8 Towel

Blackout Mask Wipe Off Towel - 8 Towel

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Ask and you shall receive! Don’t want to ruin your brand new white towels wiping off your weekly Blackout Mask?


Don’t stress, we have the perfect solution for you. Our Brand New 8-pack disposable wipe off towels.

Not only are these babies great for your skin but they are also environment friendly (yay!)

Use after each mask to reveal your clearer, softer, #flawless skin.


We wanted Blackout Mask to be easy, mess-free and quick to remove so we created the perfect partner – a small, disposable towel that does wonders when it comes to wiping off your mask.

Key Ingredients:

Our face wipes are made out of 100% Cotton.

How To Use:

How to use:

  1. Pop one tablet towel out of packet
  2. Place tablet towel under warm running water & open out to full size
  3. Wipe off Blackout Mask using towel
  4. Rinse towel with warm water and repeat until skin is clear
  5. Dispose of towel