dirtynope - Hellocheek Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 100ml

dirtynope - Hellocheek Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 100ml

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  • anti-bacterial pillow spray / safe as using 100% natural herbs as ingredients
  • targets people who cover pillow with clean towel, as pillow can be washed everyday
  • ingredients: houttuynia cordata extract, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, oregano oil, cypress water
  • usage: pillow cover, make-up puff, dust mask, other fabric that touch user's face
  • cares especially the fabrics that touch our face (who cares in skin trouble) mainly differ from normal spray only focus on fabric itself

Suggested use: spray 3-10 times on the pillow cover that touches your face before bedtime. Please wait until the micro capsules are absorbed into the fabric (about 2 minutes). Additionally, use Hellocheek for powder puffs, inner parts of caps, towels and other fabrics that touch your face.