Imperial Barber Products Fiber Pomade 6oz

Imperial Barber Products Fiber Pomade 6oz

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  • Medium strength for just the right amount of control
  • Excellent sheen providing a smooth texture to hair
  • Water based making re-styling easy
  • Pronounced strawberry fragrance


Imperial Barber Products Fiber Pomade also goes by the name fiber grease. This product gives you a medium hold, making it perfect for people who want a little bit of sheen, a decent amount of control, but who don't want a heavy look overall. It is made with longer fibers than most fiber greases, and that gives it its improved hold. You can use this to tame cowlicks and other problem areas, and it has particularly good properties for certain customers.

If you engage in activities that tend to mess up your hair, such as riding a motorcycle or a bicycle, this is a great product to have around. Put a bit on your hands, rub it through, and you can sculpt your look exactly as you want it, without having to go through a long process of redoing your coiffure. This is a great product if you like a little bit of a messy look and it can really manage to help you pull that off without looking out of control.

Size: 6 oz.

Made in the USA.