Imperial Barber Products Gel Pomade 12oz

Imperial Barber Products Gel Pomade 12oz

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  • Strong hold, movable and light to stylize hair
  • Infused with vitamin B5, no flaking or melting
  • Water based, easy to rinse out
  • Original Imperial scent


Imperial Barber Products Gel Pomade offers a very strong hold that will last all day. This is among the products that harden, which gives you the ability to sculpt your look to get it exactly the way you want. For people who want to make sure that they have the maximum amount of control, this pomade will do the trick. Many people who use this product tend to cut it a little bit with a lighter product in order to get a customized feel that suits their style. If you have hair that tends to be rather fine, this will give it enough body to stay in place.

This is completely water-based, and it is volume inducing. It will not melt, and it will not flake over time. It rinses away very easily, despite the very firm properties that has and it does work well for all hair types, though guys with particularly fine hair will likely have excellent results with this compared to other products. One of the remarkable things about this product is that, for all its hold, it washes out very easily, leaving no traces behind. There are lighter pomades available for men with thicker locks, as well.

Size: 12 oz

Made in the USA.