Imperial Barber Products Matte Pomade Paste 4oz

Imperial Barber Products Matte Pomade Paste 4oz

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  • Light to medium hold, great for thinner hair
  • Matte paste for a natural look 
  • Water based with a light control
  • Protects hair with green tea extract 


If you love pomade but don't want the shine or the very heavy hold, Imperial Barber Products Matte Pomade Paste is a good choice for you. It works with all types of hair but is particularly well-suited for guys with thinner hair, as it gives a boost to the volume. It is also good for people who have problems with their locks getting messy. It can keep them in line and ensure that the style you start out with at the beginning of the day is the style you end up with at the end of the day as well.

This is water-based and has a matte finish to it so there's no shine. It's designed with a light to medium hold to really keep things in line without giving a heavy look. If you want to go for a side part or slicked back appearance, this is a great product for either. It leaves just enough freedom for a more casual result however. When you're done with the day and ready to clean up, it washes out easily. If you need to refresh it, use a wet comb and you can restore your desired coiffure in a flash, making this a great choice for people on the go.

Size: 5 oz

Made in the USA.