rms beauty Wild with Desire Lipstick

rms beauty Wild with Desire Lipstick

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  • A labor of love by Rose-Marie Swift, founder of rms beauty, debuts her highly anticipated curated collection of colors perfect for everyday wear.

    This luxurious natural satin-finish lipstick is enriched with the signature rms beauty oil. Rich and powerful in anti-oxidants, this lipstick offers ultimate hydration and maximum color pay-off.

    NEW flight of fancy: a modern vibrant coral

    NEW magic hour: a muted earthy mauve

    NEW firestarter: a fiery red orange

    NEW unbridled passion: a cool mod pink

    NEW temptation: a classic pinky-mauve

    rms red: an orange red

    pretty vacant: a vivacious pink

    rebound: a ruby red

    breathless: a blush nude

    russian roulette: a deep berry

    vogue rose: a rose tone coral

    rapture: a brick red

    sweet nothing: an electric mauve

    jezebel: a blackberry red

    brain teaser: a medium pink brown

    Note, colors vary on some computer screens

  • This richly pigmented lipstick requires minimal application for full impact. Create a perfectly defined lip by using the rms beauty lip liner. For a more subtle look, diffuse the color with a lip brush or blot with a tissue.

    RMS Beauty luminizers can be applied with all lip2cheek, lip shines and wild with desire lipstick shades to create a light-reflective and luminous glow. Applying lightly in the center of the lips, magically gives the appearance of a fuller lip and creates a new subtle, yet modern, pearlescent shade.